Madonna: Waiting for the comeback

Madonna fans around the world are waiting patiently for the icon’s next musical offering. Her last studio album Hard Candy was released back in 2008. Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary has in the past commented that the new album is on hold until she completes work on her latest movie project W.E.

Madonna on The Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2009

Madonna’s last release was a greatest hits collection, Celebration in September 2009. The new songs recorded for this album saw a return to Madonna’s dance roots. Title track “Celebration” and bonus track “It’s So Cool” have quickly become fan favorites. This has only left the fans wanting more new music and crucially an accompanying tour.

When Madonna last took to the road with the Sticky & Sweet Tour which played 2 legs in 2008 and 2009 became the fourth highest grossing tour of all time. The total of 85 dates saw the megastar travel all over Europe, the US, South America and even taking in parts of Asia. Madonna has however faced criticism for not visiting Australia on tour since The Girlie Show way back in 1993 and her management team will be under pressure to ensure it is included on any future tour schedule.

All Madonna fans, myself included are waiting patiently for any news of new music. When it comes I am sure that as always she will blow us all away. Whatever direction the new album goes in it is going to be one of the most highly anticipated of her career.


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One Response to Madonna: Waiting for the comeback

  1. jmgonzales says:

    wish she hasn’t lost touch with her fans nor with newer musical tastes. . .
    i’m also waiting, but i really hope it’s much more danceable than her last two outings
    . . .
    just sayin’


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