Things that make me go wow – V

The search for things that make me go “wow” just gets easier and easier all the time. I look for things that I think are really cool and not just things that catch my eye. This little collection is full of very cool things, including a frozen woolly mammoth no less! You can’t get much cooler than that!

Apps for Cats

Purina Friskies have created interactive app games for cats. One of the new games called “You vs Cat” pits the pet against their owners. The iPad game involves the pet owner trying to get a piece of cat food into a goal across the screen whilst the cat has to try to get it’s paws on it first.


Whilst I welcome new ways to entertain our pets I’m not sure how I feel about giving my Harry yet another reason to scratch me!

Mammoth Cloning

This week it was announced that South Korean and Russian scientists are to begin working together in an attempt to clone a woolly mammoth from remains found in Siberia.

The giant Ice Age animal last roamed the Earth some 10,000 years ago but scientists believe they can bring it back using cloning technology.

They plan to take DNA from the remains of a woolly mammoth uncovered by the thawing Siberian permaforst. They are hoping to insert it into the egg cell of an Indian elephant to hopefully produce an embryo, which will then be placed into the womb of an elephant for gestation.

This amazes me. If they are able to do this it will be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our time. Obviously cloning remains highly controversial but I believe if regulated properly it is an invaluable arm of research.

Apple-y Ever After

Ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s have announced that they will be renaming one of their ice cream flavours in the UK in support of gay marriage.


Oh! My! Apple Pie! will become Apple-y Ever After. The tubs will also feature a gay couple atop a wedding cake decorated with rainbows.

This is a great move and adds a lot of weight to the equal marriage cause. Each bit of pressure is a move in the right direction.


About eastlondonmike

I'm a 30 year old gay man living in Leyton, East London. I'm very opinionated and many people may not like what I have to say. I like to create discussion. You can only change things by making people think.
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