MDNA – My Review


This day has been a long time coming. Madonna has finally released her album MDNA. The much hyped album certainly lives up to expectations.

Madonna has once again hooked up with William Orbit for some of the tracks and they have his style stamped all over them. This album is very much an eclectic mix – as with all
Madonna records it’s ultimately a pop record. The beautiful ballads “Masterpiece” and “Falling Free” are just as much at home here as banging dance anthems “Girl Gone Wild” and “I’m Addicted”.

As a fan I did enjoy her last album “Hard Candy” but this does feel like a return to chart topping form.

It is quite possibly her most personal album to date. It’s the product of a marriage break up and that is what makes this record a masterpiece. I also feel that the old Madonna is back. She seems free again, free to have fun and free to say what she wants. This is the album that the fans have been waiting for.

She has a unique ability to make a highly personal, heartbreaking album that also has dark electronic beats, euphoric dance moments and pure pop. This is a master class in what pop records today should be.

It is impossible to pick my favourite tracks. Usually, on a Madonna album there will be one or two tracks which are not to my liking. MDNA is different, I like every single song! Even the silly “B-Day Song” has a charm to it and has a catchy chorus that forces you to like it.

I have reviewed each of the tracks below. MDNA is available today on iTunes and at retail outlets.

Girl Gone Wild – Most of the fans will have heard this one by now. The track starts with an act of contrition before a thumping beat kicks in. The video was released last week and is quite possibly her best music video in at least a decade. The high energy dance track probably should have been the first single. Can you imagine the excitement that would have been created amongst fans by it’s killer video?! It would have been the ultimate proclamation of being back to reclaim her throne.

Gang Bang – Wow! Wow! Wow! I can’t get enough if this song. This is the Madonna of the early 90s that we know and love. The dirty techno beat of this song mixed with a breathless Madonna admitting to shooting her lover dead makes for a heady mix. The track builds to an explosive climax. It should be a single. A killer video (excuse the pun) to accompany such an edgy, attitude filled song would create the perfect mix for a huge hit. I doubt the record company will be brave enough though!

I’m Addicted – Another banging electronic dance track. This song is one of my favourites. The break down after she sings “I need to dance” is practically orgasmic! “I’m Addicted” is most likely the inspiration for the album’s title. In reference to the drug MDMA, Madonna ends this track by chanting “MDNA, MDNA”.

Turn Up The Radio – This deserves to be a summer hit. If radio stations pick this up it could be big this summer. The somewhat euphoric music and uplifting lyrics make this a perfect single. It’s going to become a fan favourite.

Give Me All Your Luvin’ – Well we should all know this first single by now. The track leaked in a stripped down form last year and now in it’s final form it has been enriched by raps from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. This song reminds me very much of early Madonna hits such as Burning Up. The track was clearly devised to promote the performance at the Superbowl but holds it’s own here among the dance tracks.

Some Girls – This appears to be Madonna hitting back at all the young pretenders who have tried to overthrow her. She sings “I’m everything you ever dreamed of…I’m better than you ever dreamed of” – these girls will never be her. It is also a great dance track with a catchy chorus.

Superstar – Think “Cherish” for the 21st century. This is probably the catchiest song on the album. It would make a great single as it’s very radio friendly. It would be a safer bet for the record company than “Gang Bang”. This track sees Madonna name drop icons such as James Dean as in “Vogue”.

I Don’t Give A – One of the collaborations on the album. You can definitely see Nicki Minaj’s influence here. This is the track the press picked up on because she sings “I tried to be a good wife…I don’t give a…” This is Madonna’s two fingers up to all of her critics. Nicki closes the song by stating – “There’s only one Queen and that’s Madonna, Bitch”. Amen to that.

I’m a Sinner – No prizes for guessing who produced this song which wouldn’t have been out of place on Music. This is “Beautiful Stranger” part 2 but that’s not a bad thing. Always one to court controversy Madonna references Jesus dying on the cross and admits being a sinner but liking it that way.

Love Spent – Banjo intro – interesting. This has a very electronic feel to it. Another personal track, here she is referencing her marriage to Guy – “Til death do us part, that’s what you said”. The track builds to quite a trance inspired chorus.

Masterpiece – This was recorded to feature on the soundtrack to Madonna’s recent movie effort “W.E”. This beautiful ballad has been getting huge airplay on Radio 2 in the UK. As a result of this it appears to be getting a single release in the UK at the beginning of April.

Falling Free – This could have been on “Ray of Light”. Her vocals here are amazing. This is the final track on the standard edition of the album. The most personal song on the album is a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad. The line “We’re both free, free to go” is so touching. This is undoubtedly Guy Ritchie’s song and it has so much pain in it’s tone.

Beautiful Killer – Pure pop. It might be one of the weaker bonus tracks but it’s still very much likeable. It has a very happy clappy bridge which could work well in shows. The song finishes with a single gun shot. There’s a lot of gun references on this album!

I Fucked Up – It’s not often that Madonna admits to making mistakes. Here she describes the breakdown of a relationship (Jesus Luz? Guy?) and how sorry she is that she’s caused so much pain. It’s one of the slower songs on the album but it’s lyrics make it a great track.

B-day Song – M.I.A sings backing vocals on this 60s sounding song. This, reminds me of very early Madonna songs – the songs she wrote before becoming famous. It’s simple and silly but fun. It will get stuck in your head!

Best Friend – An electronic beat mixed with emotional vocals make a very fitting closing track. Madonna sings of missing certain aspects of her relationship and that – “every man that walks through that door will be compared to you forever more”. We can only assume she is singing about ex husband Guy. The song comes to abrupt end with Madonna singing – “It’s so sad that it had to end”.



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