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London Delivered

What a summer it has been for London. In the months leading up to the Olympic Games there was much talk about whether London would be able to cope. Countless stories appeared in newspapers warning of transport delays which on … Continue reading

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Olympic Park

I thought I’d share a few photos from my visit to the Olympic Park yesterday. These photos don’t do the truly beautiful gardens justice but I hope you enjoy them all the same.

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London’s Big Moment

Do you remember where you were on 6th July 2005? I do. I was in my office in Bristol and I remember being in the literature room listening to the radio as the host city for the 2012 Olympic and … Continue reading

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The Olympic Flame Comes East

The Olympic flame has finally arrived in London after spending the last two months weaving through the country. The flame has visited iconic landmarks such as Stonehenge and Windsor Castle on its journey and today came tantalisingly close to the … Continue reading

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Olympic Tower Bridge

The giant Olympic rings have been unveiled at Tower Bridge to mark the final 30 days before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic days. The iconic bridge will be adorned with the rings for the duration of the … Continue reading

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Things that make me go wow – 2

The return of a legend, an “awwwww” moment and some giant rings have all made it to my second collection of “Things that make me go Wow!”. The Floating Olympic Rings The 2012 Olympic Games in London are creeping ever … Continue reading

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